Parker Hannifin Corporation




Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems. The company’s engineering expertise spans the core motion and control technologies – electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, fluid and gas handling, filtration, sealing and shielding, climate control, process control and aerospace.

For over 30 years Parker Water Purification has been Supplying RO desalination equipment to the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Parker WP is committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing one of the world’s most advanced RO equipment and bilgewater separators. From potable water for drinking and showers to high-purity permeate for various shipboard applications.


PRO Mini – Modular or Compact
Little Wonder Modular Series
Sea Recovery Aqua Matic – Modular or Compact
Horizon RO Seafari Versatile – Modular or Self Contained
LTM Series
Sea Recovery Coral Sea Series – Modular, Horizontal, or Vertical
Sea Recovery Tasman Sea T3
Sea Recovery North Sea Series
Sea Recovery Atlantic Sea
Village Marine Pure Water Series
Village Marine Pure Water Commercial Series
Village Marine Offshore PW-XP Series
Village Marine Sea Water Series
Portable Container-Mounted Watermaker
Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Pro Modular or Compact
Aqua Matic XL Compact or Modular
Aqua Matic DP Compact
UltRO Clear – Compact
Dockside UltRO Clear
Village Marine Platoon RO System H20 PRO

Filter Housings FRP Shell With Nylon Caps
Filter Housings
8 Inch RO Membrane Element
AquaPro Sea Water RO Membrane
Parker Village Marine Tec Pleated Water Filters
Parker Village Marine Tec CMF Media Filtration Systems
Parker Village Marine Tec IMF Media Filtration Systems
Parker Village Marine Tec Remineralizer

Crankcase Oil
Membrane Element Storage
Fresh Water Flush
Plankton Filter Assembly
UV Sterilizer
Charcoal Filter Assembly
Planned Maintenance Kit
Sea Strainer
PH Neutralizing Filter
Remote Control Unit
Sea Recovery Chemical Cleaning Tank
Sea Recovery Chemical Injection
Sea Recovery Commerical Pre-Filter
Sea Recovery Hydrocyclone Separator
Sea Recovery Multi-Media Filter
Sea Recovery Oil Water Separator Canister
Sea Recovery Fresh Water Flush
Sea Recovery PH Neutralizing Filter
Sea Recovery Plankton Filter Assembly
Sea Recovery Touch Screen Remote
Sea Recovery UV Sterilizer

Parker Village Marine Titan High Pressure Water Pump Series

Bilgewater Membrane Separator