PTI Technologies




PTI Technologies has been serving the Aerospace, Defense, Space and Industrial markets for nearly 100 years. Today, PTI Technologies is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of highly engineered filtration and fluid control subsystems and equipment for mission-critical operations. When it comes to solving complex filtration and fluid flow problems, they have consistently been there to Listen, Understand and Deliver innovative, value-added solutions.

Efficient design, development and production operations are the cornerstones for manufacturing reliable products. With their extensive engineering and R&D experience coupled with a complete manufacturing, testing and MRO facility, they are uniquely equipped to translate your filtration and fluid control concept and needs into real performance. PTI Technologies Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc.


Pressure Hydraulic Manifolds
Return Hydraulic Manifolds
Case Drain Manifolds
EDP/ADP Pump Modules
421® Robust Hydraulic Filters
Bootstrap Reservoirs
Service Panel Filtration Manifolds

Auxiliary Tanks Shutoff Valves
Aft Transition Shutoff Valves
Refueling Receptacles
Over Pressure Relief Valves
Fuel Tank Inerting System (FTIS) Filtration
Main Engine Filter Manifolds
Main Engine Fuel Filter Elements
Main Engine Fuel Screen Filter
APU Fuel Filter Elements
Refueling Boom Bypass Valves
Refuel / Defuel Valves
MA-2 Refueling Nozzle
MA-2 / MA-3 Refueling Coupling
Pilot Operated Shutoff Valves

Liftfan Clutch Actuation System Modules
Main Engine Lube Filter Manifolds
Scavenge Pump Filter Manifolds
Main Engine Lube Filter Elements
Gearbox Lube Filter Elements
APU Lube Filter Elements

Liquid Cooling System Manifolds
Radar Coolant System Manifolds

Anti-Ice Starting Bleed Valves (AISBV)
In-Line Pressurization Filter Assemblies
High Temperature Filter Assemblies
Engine Load Control Filter Assemblies
Engine Air Filter Elements

Pilot /Crew Cabin Air Filter
Breathing Gas System (BGS) Filter

Differential Pressure Indicators
Electro Hydrostatic Actuators
Customized By-pass/Shutoff Valves
Customized Filter Elements/Bowls